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I am the up and rising Mount Dora, Florida based photographer that takes great pride and has a lot of fun in capturing the true spirit and personality of subjects that I encounter. My style has been described as creative, fun, engaging, and dramatic. 

I have two passions in life, sports and photography. Putting these two together allows me to capture moments never to be forgotten.

Certified by IAP Career College, I specialize in portraits, sports, and event photography.  I am currently learning and developing my skills as a videography so I can also provide this as one of my master level services.

I strive to create a relaxing environment for my subjects and appropriately engage in conversations, listening with my ear and camera, and paying close attention to the smallest of details.

Long before I stumbled upon photography, I was a visionary and story-teller. My first production was a video I shot for my middle school basketball coach of his team winning on my phone. He was impressed with my editing skills and shared it with his family and friends. That feeling of making someone smile forever stuck with me. 


The day I picked up a real camera and discovered the art of photography, I found another medium to express myself and view the world around me. I feel strongly about capturing images that I can connect with. Capturing emotions and connecting with people is important to me. Even though it is the emotions of my subjects that I'm capturing, I often find a reflection of myself in them.

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